As craftsmen of premium products and designer furniture, C BROS have invested in state of the art machinery. Our cutting edge facilities enable us to execute every project to the absolute highest standard.

Our workshop is fitted with two productions lines which allow for work on large contract projects, whilst also streamlining the production of bespoke residential fittings such as dressing rooms, custom living room furniture, and kitchen fit-outs.




The machine rooms are the heart of our workshop.

They include 25 highly advanced industrial woodworking machines.

 The scale of the operation enables the production of more than 50 windows per day.




Following machining, our highly skilled team of joiners work here to complete all projects.

Each work is then thoroughly inspected by our designers and management team to ensure stringent quality control standards are met.

Nothing comes off our assembly line that we wouldn’t be proud of using ourselves. 




All paint work is completed by our expert staff within a controlled environment that ensures complete consistency throughout our range of products.